Who am I? What is the Purpose of this website?

You must be wondering who is this guy? There are thousands out there writing and sharing craps on how to trade markets and blah blah sh***. So let me be very clear I am not here to teach you how to earn money from stock markets. In fact, I am not going to teach you anything. Markets are the one and only teacher, rest all is bulls***. So I am not a teacher for sure. I am a learner who is consistently dabbling in stock markets when I received my first paycheck in 2015 and since then it has been a great journey of blowing off my trading account multiple times. To be very clear I am not a consistent profitable trader and I strive to be one in next one year. Yes, that’s the goal I have set and this is the reason why I set up this website.

The main purpose of this website is very personal. As a trader I want to record my trades, emotions, analysis and above documenting all my trading journey. The reason behind such documentation is to become better trader every day. Also, this website will act as a guiding force in uncertainties of market.

Trading is a game of mindset and to win at it mind is to be tamed. So this website is my shot at taming my mind. As a trader it is important to develop resilience in all aspects of life and not just in markets. Resilience can be developed by following rules, process and by maintaining discipline. Being a trader is same as running a business and it demands lot of commitment and planning. Exhaustive Trade Plan is something I need to consistently focus upon and this website is a tool to help me do it consistently.

For readers, this website can be a great source of learning from my mistakes and experiences. There are numerous skills which are to be honed before one can be consistently profitable in the market and this blog will help in honing necessary skills. Most of the time I will be journaling my trades and emotions here and time to time I will share my experiences in improving my Trading Psychology.

So lets get started for an eventful trading journey….

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